About Cry! Peace and Freedom!

Cry! Peace and Freedom! is both call to action and a movement, born of the realization that peace is worth little without freedom, and freedom worth even less without peace. In times like these, we must cry out loud for both.

Begun by activists working for the people of Sudan—where peace and freedom are so desperately needed—Cry! Peace and Freedom! seeks to unite all those who hunger for peace and justice in every country.

Though we come to this struggle with Sudan foremost in our minds, we recognize and understand that the problems of Sudan are not limited to Sudan alone.

The enablers of genocide in Sudan (from corporations to governments) involve themselves in countless other countries, where they enable and even facilitate countless other crimes against humanity and our planet. While this does not absolve the Sudanese government of its responsibility, it does lead us to natural allies around the world.

If we expect the rest of the world to rally to the cause of Sudan, we must also rally to the causes of the rest of the world. We must all find willing allies in each other.

The mission of Cry! Peace and Freedom! is to build a global coalition of activists, unfettered by the constraints of political ideologies, entrenched organizational structures, or corporate influence, and deeply committed to the ideals of liberty, justice, and peace.

We aim to connect and unite—to the most productive degree possible—all peace-loving people around the world struggling in obscurity against myriad oppressors.

This should be easy, since all who believe in freedom and all who crave it have common cause.

But it will not be easy.

We undoubtedly begin our struggle with oversized goals, but our ultimate success is nevertheless crucial to the future happiness and well-being of humanity.

The entire history of our species has brought us to this point. It’s long past time to ask ourselves: is this really where we want to be?

Join our struggle, for we can never succeed alone.

We must Cry! out loud together for peace and freedom everywhere.


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