Statement of Sudanese Solidarity

We, the undersigned Sudanese of the Diaspora in the United States of America, and throughout the world, as well as in Sudan, both individuals and organizations, hereby declare our vision for the future of our beloved Sudan.

We understand that we have all endured great hardships in the past and currently face great challenges with regard to the future of our country; however, we vow to no longer be used as tools by the minority clique regimes in Khartoum to divide and rule the country. We hereby vow to recognize and put behind us our grievances and differences for the greater good of a complete Sudan. We envision a just, free and democratic New Sudan where all people are equal citizens, particularly those who have been marginalized; where each Sudanese from the North to the South, from the East to the West, regardless of his or her race, religion or gender, will have liberty and justice.

We stand united in declaring the following:

  • We urge the National Congress Party (NCP) and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) to honor each and every provision of the CPA to which they committed upon signing. And which fulfills the vision of a New Sudan, in which there is peace, religious freedom, and secular democracy with justice for all.
  • We appeal to the United States government, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the troika partners, which include United Kingdom, Norway, Italy and the international community to financially support and monitor complete implementation of the CPA in all Sudan.
  • We appeal to all parties: the NCP, the SPLM and the movements in Darfur as well as the international community to peacefully resolve the current crisis in Darfur. We call for the full deployment of the hybrid peacekeeping force without further delay.
  • We urge the NCP and SPLM to contain the potential human and cultural genocide in Nubia, the Nuba Mountains, Ingasana and the Beja region in Eastern Sudan by adhering to the will of the people and abiding by the current constitution and terms of the CPA.

We hereby pledge ourselves to work together for justice, peace and equal rights for all the people of Sudan. We call upon all the people of Sudan from Halfa to Nimule, from Port Sudan to Al-geneina to stand united against those who seek to divide, exploit, and oppress our people, and by using us against each other. We commit ourselves to do all in our power to build a New Sudan in the context of the CPA, where the rights of every citizen are protected. We call upon our American and international friends to partner with us in the work of reconciliation, building a just peace and standing united against oppression.

[Here is a video from the November 2007 conference that resulted in the statement above. There are many other great Sudan Sunrise videos on Sudanese reconciliation available from YouTube.]


One Response to “Statement of Sudanese Solidarity”

  1. As of today, January 1, 2008, I am calling up on world community, United Nation, and US congress to seriously act for possibly change to restore human suffering in all part of Sudan. The re-newed attack by Misseriya, and Baggara tribes against SPLA is condemned by all Sudanese due to the fact that these tribes are supported by the Bashir’s Sudan government. It is time for the security council to stop violence against innocents people throughout the country. Furthermore, let the year 2008 be the year of peace and recounciliation to bridge the gap so that all Sudanese must have freedom in a secure manner.

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